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Il POWER Play dei laburisti, la campagna SHARP di Biden e il trionfo degli atleti transgender: raccolta delle ultime notizie

In the UK, center-left Labour eyes a return to power after 14 years, with polls closing soon. Turnout could sway results. Biden faces a crucial stretch in his campaign as questions about his sharpness persist. Harris may inherit campaign funds if Biden drops out. Transgender runner Nikki Hiltz secures a spot at Paris Games. France’s government spokesperson attacked before decisive election. Chicago’s Patrick Bertoletti wins Nathan’s hot dog eating contest title for the first time.

In Bolivia, confusion and cospirazione theories swirl after an alleged coup attempt, while Andy Murray’s Wimbledon farewell tour begins with a doubles loss. A brown bear duo enjoys Fourth of July treats at a Chicago zoo, and Hollywood nostalgia reigns in sleazy 80s-style movie “MaXXXine.” The NFL faces liability in the “Sunday Ticket” case.

A conservative predicts a new American Revolution with Project 2025, while Black farmers call for Tractor Supply CEO’s resignation over DEI cuts. A Minnesota dam bridge near collapse raises concerns, and FDA links Diamond Shruumz candies to illnesses and death.

David Attenborough leaves colorful impact on Wimbledon with yellow balls as TikTok trends like “latte makeup” rise. British nurse Lucy Letby found guilty of killing babies tries to kill another infant. South Carolina Senate sees all Republican women ousted as House Democrat proposes reversing Supreme Court immunity decision.

Trump reports $331 million raised in second quarter surpassing Biden’s haul, reflecting economic malaise in the UK elections against deep pessimism backdrop — voters pick new government amidst uncertainty.
Iran’s heart surgeon Masoud Pezeshkian vies for presidency amid far-right scrutiny in French election; Madrid hosts high heels race for Pride Week; Euro 2024 Round of 16 stirs emotions with Italy’s despair and Bellingham’s goal.
Indian mother delivers baby on boat during floods; Barbados fishermen assess Hurricane Beryl damage; street medicine teams aid homeless under extreme heat; Ukraine releases prisoners to fight Russia.

For water safety this summer: know before heading to beach or pool — homemade popsicles are healthier than store-bought ones; managing finances post-graduation job tips — deal with poison ivy carefully.
New blood tests aim to predict preeclampsia risks — reminiscent of Reagan’s age debate — Clyburn fuels talk of Biden ending campaign despite eroding support signs on Capitol Hill.
ThunderShirts ease dogs’ July Fourth dread as US celebrates amid heat wave — Northern California wildfire threat looms large while Israel approves West Bank settlements expansion — melting Alaska icefield accelerates drastically.
GM penalized $146 million over carbon emissions, oldest termite mounds active for millennia reveal prehistoric predators — spotted owl conservation plan targets another owl species despite animals reproducing without mates being possible.
TSA screens record travelers this weekend amidst holiday rush — Mediterranean diet advocate benefits from seasonal eating practices while Google falls short on climate goals due to AI electricity needs misconception
Trump falsely claims immunity exoneration despite